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What is an embroidery machine?

what is an embroidery machine

what is anembroidery machineEmbroidery has been considered an important and valued handicraft since the very earliest of time and was used initially to enhance textiles by decorating with thread and high-value items such as gold thread, pearls beads, and sequins. The embroidered textile has always been associated with families of great wealth and prestige. We will look at what is an embroidery machine and the types available for the home user and the business sector.Interesting that from the archaeological evidence it has been shown that embroidery was associated with many early cultures; however, we know that Chinese’s embroidery dates to 3500BC and are is possibly the forerunner of the embroidery which is created today.


What is an Embroidery Machines

Embroidery started as a handcraft, and naturally, the practitioners were looking for ways to speed the embroidery process because of the costs involved in the creation of these textiles pieces. Investors were looking at ways of automating the process without losing the intricate design and quality finish of the textile. The invention of the sewing machine was critical and important point in the development of sewing and ultimately in the development of the embroidery machine

The first sewing machine was developed by Thomas Saint in 1790 and was intended to sew leather and canvas material; however, the first patented sewing machine was designed by the American Isaac Merritt Singer in 1850 and together with Edward Clark set up the I.M. Singer & Co in 1857.The hand embroidery machine was designed and built some 20 years before the first patented sewing machine by the Frenchman Josue Heillmann. The machine could complete the work in the time it would normally have taken 4 hand embroiders to complete.

Sewing in general and in particular embroidery has developed into a significant hobby for many people over the last 20 years, and for many, this has progressed a hobby into a viable local business, and others have developed into a significant national/international business.

The products they produce range from simple logo designs to the creation of elaborate and colorful designs. These are created to meet the advertising needs of a wide range of international and local businesses. The only limiting factor for the embroider in creating elaborate and appealing designs is the imagination of the designer

Which Embroidery Machines for the Home User?

what is an embroidery machineMany of those starting this hobby will purchase a computerized sewing machine with an embroidery attachment because these machines can perform both general aspects of sewings as well as intricate designs associated with embroidery. This has limitations for the embroidery textiles you are able to produce because you are often limited by the size of the fabric you can produce, with the Brother SE400 the size is 4”x4”. This type of machine is ideal for the beginner; however, once you have developed both your skills and your personal demands change you may want to purchase a dedicated embroidery system. This will not be a cheap hobby because computerized embroidery systems can cost more than $700. These types of machine are usually purchased by people who want to earn additional income or start a sewing business. There are many potential outlets for the embroider by creating logos for local businesses, or by the acquisition of commissions to produce items for textiles such as embroidered napkins for such events as weddings, or for a commercial event.

In terms of other areas to market your embroidered items, there are local craft markets and the online markets such as where you can sell your items your crafts to a large potential audience and perhaps gain commissions for specific textile items or a particular event.

Embroidery Digitised Designs

embroidery machineembroidery machineembroidery machineThis process involves converting the artwork of a company logo, or design you have created into a stitch file which an embroidery machine can sew onto a garment or other piece of textile. In order to digitize the design, you will need a scanner and appropriate software; each machine manufacturer has appropriate software for their machine.

If you purchase a design from the internet, ensure you are purchasing from a reputable design house because the quality of the digitizing makes a huge difference regarding the quality of stitching and your satisfaction with the completed design.embroidery machineMost of the embroidery machine makers usually have their own in-house software that is made by a third party company for them. They don’t make their own software in-house. There are only 2 or 3 major embroidery software creation companies in the world that create this embroidery software for them, so they will all pretty much work the same way and have most of the same features. So no matter what brand of embroidery machine you have, you can usually use whatever digitizing software you like or that suits you best for the job at hand. Free Movement Embroidery is often used by quilters; however, it is a skill you can develop to create works of art perhaps of a family member.

Embroidery Designs

what is an embroidery machineIf your imagination is still set alight by the prospect of designing and producing your own embroidery textiles, remember to take your time in developing your skills, perhaps look online for video courses, or looking for courses in your location where you will be given individual training to develop your skills. Maybe joining some online embroidery groups on Facebook or blogs to help in your personal development. You will probably visit specialized craft markets or exhibitions to gain a greater insight into this absorbing hobby, or perhaps a business. Which ever way to decide to go enjoy the personal satisfaction of creating beautiful embroidered textiles for your own use or to developing a successful business.

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