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Types of sewing machine for use at home

types of sewing machine

It is important to understand the types of sewing machine available for home use. Sewing at home on your own sewing machine is highly enjoyable, and very useful too.  Whether you are running up a new blouse from scratch or turning that beautiful material you found in the fabric shop into a fantastic cushion cover; home sewing projects feel so satisfying. Creating something unique – whether for yourself or as a gift to friends – is an imaginative, peaceful way to spend your time. It appears that citizens across the world are getting back into sewing as a hobby: the market in home sewing machines will exceed 30.8 million units by 2020.

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What is an embroidery machine?

what is an embroidery machine

what is anembroidery machineEmbroidery has been considered an important and valued handicraft since the very earliest of time and was used initially to enhance textiles by decorating with thread and high-value items such as gold thread, pearls beads, and sequins. The embroidered textile has always been associated with families of great wealth and prestige. We will look at what is an embroidery machine and the types available for the home user and the business sector.Interesting that from the archaeological evidence it has been shown that embroidery was associated with many early cultures; however, we know that Chinese’s embroidery dates to 3500BC and are is possibly the forerunner of the embroidery which is created today.


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